We like to organically grow with our clients.

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About Founder

Sanjay Garg
B. Tech.(Mechanical Engg.), M. B. A.

Worked for 3 years in USA in Software Development before starting Competent Software in 1992.

Currently involved in Strategic decision making of the company. Keen interest in Automation and Software, ensuring that the company is always striving for technological advancement.

What We Do?

Data aggregation and analytics to provide actionable insights for optimal development, maintenance and utilisation of physical & data assets. We like to organically grow with our clients, as we get more experience, we deliver to fulfill more complex analytics.

We currently have 350+ associates working in our Company.


Our facility is located in the National Capital Region of Delhi, India. Any manual work required, to enhance automation, is done in the most cost effective way, resulting in Guaranteed Savings.

  • 01. High Quality of Services resulting from application of focused & well trained workforce. 
  • 02. Being in India makes it possible to economically scale-up the services in scope and coverage.